About us

We offer quality services to help your brand stand out.

We develop new ideas with new technologies to adapt to industry and market changes.

Evolve is a digital marketing agency with teams around the world. We aim to provide top-quality services and digital solutions with the help of our developers, designers, animators, project managers, researchers and strategists to foster growing brands and businesses.



Digital products, websites and experiences for startups and unique companies.


Branding Identity, 2D/3D Modelling and Animations, Motion


Hybrid mobile apps for IOS and Android. Also Web applications

Our Team

Imamdin Salimi

Founder / CEO

Mohizuddin Barati

Founder / Developer

Murtaza Nazari


Azizullah Karami

Senior Digital Marketer

Akbar Mehri

Content Writer

Rishad Azizi

Graphic Designer

Edress Azizi

(to be identified)

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